Communicate with Your Cat

As cat owner you have to know when your cat is trying to tell you something. Cats have their own way of communicating; you just have to know what these are. Like many other living things, they find a way to express themselves. Here is a look at some of the ways cats communicate.



Is your Cat Pregnant?

If your cat isn’t spayed and you allow her to venture outside while in heat, there are high chances she will mate. This means her chances of becoming pregnant are high. Cats come into heat season when they are between 4 to 12 months and at first mating, can become pregnant.

Signs of Pregnancy
• The first sign that indicates your cat is pregnant is the noticeable nipples change. 3 weeks after mating, they become enlarged and pinker.
• The cat also becomes affectionate and seeks your attention at all times.
• In some cases, there is also an increase of appetite.


Taking care of your Cat

When the hot summer months kick in, everyone is affected by the heat and people try to find ways of cooling down. A cat, just like human beings need to be taken care of during summer in order to ensure it does not suffer from heatstroke or exhaustion. From time to time, you might be required to travel with your cat and when this happens, ensure you do not leave the cat in the car for long hours. If you have many errands to run and you won’t be able to move around with your cat, you are better off leaving it at home where it does not have to stay locked up.


Socializing Your Cat with Adults and Others

You already know that your cat is a social creature, and there are ways to enhance your cat’s sociability with other people and animals. This is not to say that all cats will be equal in how social they are - people are not equal in their social lives either. Some cats are more introverted while others are the life of the party. However, you can get your cat to be comfortable in a social setting.

Most cats are curious about people, but that curiosity does not translate into wanting to be handles or prodded by grown-ups or children. It is important, though, to get your cat used to other people so that you can avoid any aggression or neurosis when people come around your home.


Is Your Indoor Cat Happy?

While many cat owners consider that it is better for their pet to stay outdoors enjoying the benefits of the nature, there are also several of them who cannot leave their cats outdoors unsupervised for fear that accidents can happen.

Other owners are simply too tied into their daily programs living in a flat that doesn't allow them to get their cat pet and leave them there where the danger of the streets and mean neighbors exists daily. Once you own a house cat, you should know that you can make her feel happy, needing to get them entertained in an extra way simply because they do not live outdoors.