Improve Your Cat’s Weight

Cats with obesity problems are detected in approximately 25% of total pet cats. Apart from overweight issue, there are several cats that are underweight but do not get the needed attention to save them and make their lives happier. In fact, a lot of tips and pieces of information have been written about how you can get your obese cat lose weight; while there is limited information available about how cat owners can help their skinny cat to gain weight.



Two of the most favorite pets hold by millions of people, cats and dogs have been examined for allergies to the human being. The report claims that cats offer you allergies in twice of the dog allergies however only 10% of global people have been found to be very allergic towards the pets.

It was a report prepared based on the survey conducted by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology which revealed some nostalgic things for the interested people. Yes, children lying in the age segment of 6-19 years will be allergic to cats in the ratio of 1:7 which simply means one child in the group of 7 will be certainly pet allergic.


Declawing your cat

Before you go any further or start thinking about declawing your cat you need to consider why you were doing this to your pet. Every person has a different reason why they want to remove the claws from a cat but you have to make sure that it is going to be the right reason for that cat as well. There are some things that some people do decide to overlook just because they think is better off for their pet. Here are some things that you need to consider before you decide to get the claws removed from your pet.


Claw Removal is wrong

The claws of a cat has many purposes and they are used for almost anything that is innate to the animal. For example, it is used in a cat’s balance. When a cat jumps up to reach for something, the claws come out and are exposed. This also helps them to reach out and grab anything that they were aiming for. When cats climb up to places, such as trees they use their claws to grab hold of the bark. This allows them to securely fasten themselves before they spring up to the tree.


Can Cats Drink Cow's Milk

It may be a much repeated cliche but also a much repeated truism-your pet is one of the family. Our faithful, feline friend does not criticise or belittle, does not argue or cause upset and does not ask awkward questions or demand his food at 6 pm. He gives nothing but unconditional love and asks for nothing in return except a warm knee, a kind word and, ideally, a full tummy!