Keep Dogs in Your Home

Studies show that currently there are more pets among American households than children. These statistics have made more people want to keep pets in other parts of the world. Perhaps, you may be wondering why people like keeping pets.

Basically, there are many benefits that come with keeping a dog. A dog can help you in enhancing moods. Research indicates that people who have this pet in their homes have better temperament and mood. There are also studies that show that people suffering from different diseases have lesser chances of getting depressed if they keep dogs.



Two of the most favorite pets hold by millions of people, cats and dogs have been examined for allergies to the human being. The report claims that cats offer you allergies in twice of the dog allergies however only 10% of global people have been found to be very allergic towards the pets.

It was a report prepared based on the survey conducted by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology which revealed some nostalgic things for the interested people. Yes, children lying in the age segment of 6-19 years will be allergic to cats in the ratio of 1:7 which simply means one child in the group of 7 will be certainly pet allergic.



Dogs were pack animals according to their origin. Wolves hunt in packs today. In the same way it was before the domestication of dogs from also. Although the hunting dogs as well as supplemented team, every single dog in the distribution of prey had to hurry, for his part, The competition was immediately on hand to possibly have to grab a bit more. This original behavior of the dog has been preserved to this day.