Two of the most favorite pets hold by millions of people, cats and dogs have been examined for allergies to the human being. The report claims that cats offer you allergies in twice of the dog allergies however only 10% of global people have been found to be very allergic towards the pets.

It was a report prepared based on the survey conducted by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology which revealed some nostalgic things for the interested people. Yes, children lying in the age segment of 6-19 years will be allergic to cats in the ratio of 1:7 which simply means one child in the group of 7 will be certainly pet allergic.

Do you want to be informed about the exact cause lying behind the cat allergies? If yes, it is not what you popular believe about the cat furs which causes itching or something like that. It is directly related to the protein in the name of Fed d1 which is usually found on the skin of cats. Allergies to this protein molecule leave the people sneezing.

Most of the people consider the dander that is shredded by cats as the allergic cause but the fact is too far from this. Everything related to the cat allergies depends on the shape and size of the molecule of this protein mentioned above which makes it so common in our society and living hood.

The protein molecules are very light and small to be traced and they are generally airborne that can stay for long hours in the air. These particles can be breathed in deep inside our lung which causes allergies. This is in really opposite to the hypothesis we believe for the dog allergies that do not post airborne particles.
One other important factor which makes it so common in this world is the sticky nature of the Fed d 1 protein molecules that can be easily found on the human skin and clothes.