Claw Removal is wrong

The claws of a cat has many purposes and they are used for almost anything that is innate to the animal. For example, it is used in a cat’s balance. When a cat jumps up to reach for something, the claws come out and are exposed. This also helps them to reach out and grab anything that they were aiming for. When cats climb up to places, such as trees they use their claws to grab hold of the bark. This allows them to securely fasten themselves before they spring up to the tree.

Claws are also required when cats perform their normal daily activities such as running or walking and even when they stretch. It is used as a defensive mechanism for household or domestic cats to protect themselves from other animals and aggressive stray cats. Cats require their tool to a very high extent that they ensure it is always sharp and ready for use. Claws are also used in basic activities such as covering up their litter and mess.

The region of the paws that protect the claws have glands that secrete a substance that allows cats to claim their territory. They use their claws to mark areas that they feel belongs to them. Scratching a rough and hard surface also allows loose or old claws to fall off so that they can develop new and more efficient ones.

Unfortunately, there are many cat owners that choose to remove their pet’s claws. Although many of them believe in the importance of having a cat in the house, they use them as a decorative ornament or a defenseless pet. When cats are strictly kept indoors and are not given toys such as scratching posts, they have the tendency of using household furniture to sharpen their claws. They might even use the carpet.

This is unsettling for many pet owners and for this reason, declawing a cat seems to be the only way they can protect their home from the effects of their cats.

It is an unkind act and this type of mutilation disables the cat to function normally. Removing a cat’s claws hurts them and they will not be able to do things that they innately do. This will cause a lot of confusion and behavioral changes. Some will react by using their teeth when they are supposed to use their claws. This might also encourage aggressiveness.

There are many ways to train a cat to not use their claws on home furniture, and encouraging them to use a scratch post that is meant especially for them can be very useful in eliminating these problems. Declawing a cat is not the answer.