Communicate with Your Cat

As cat owner you have to know when your cat is trying to tell you something. Cats have their own way of communicating; you just have to know what these are. Like many other living things, they find a way to express themselves. Here is a look at some of the ways cats communicate.

This is a signal that everyone knows about. It is the most common way that cats communicate. Cats purr for a lot of different reasons. When your cat is happy, it will purr. When it is full and satisfied and sitting on your laps watching cartoons, you will hear that purr. A cat will also purr when its scared. When its alone and feeling frightened, it lets a out a purr. It’s some sort of coping mechanism. It helps them deal with the fear. When your cat gets hurt, it will purr. A pain purr is not hard to recognize. Just the same way a human cry of pain can not be mistaken, the same goes for cats. A cat may also purr when it needs to be fed. This will be more persistent to get your attention.

Tail Waving
A cat that is content will tend to wave its tail from one side to another. A cat may also wave the tail when it’s angry. This will be vigorous and persistent. When your cat’s tail is waving constantly, its trying to say something. Or it could just be waving off a fly.

The eyes are always a good communicator. You can tell a lot by the look in the eyes. There is no exception with cats. A cat may give steady looks to make a point or slit eyed ones when annoyed.

There are some other things you can look at to tell what your cat wants. You may also have your own form of communication. Either way, communicating with your cat is essential especially when trying to teach them manners.