How to tell if your Dog is Sick

When you have a dog, it soon becomes part of your family and you have to take care of it like you would any other member of the family. Having a sick dog is nerve racking and especially if you don’t know the signs to look out for. Knowing whether your dog is sick is important as it makes it easy to deal with the sickness and also help it get better. When suddenly your dog does not smell, look act or feel okay, you should know there is definitely something wrong. You should also know how to check the temperature of your dog. When it lower or higher than the recommended 101 to 1020 Fahrenheit you should seek help from your vet.

An increase in the heart rate and breaths taken per minute can also be an indication that something is not right. One of the easiest ways through which you can tell whether your dog is sick is by looking at their lips, gums, tongue and eyelids. If the dog is healthy, these areas should be bright and when pushed, they should turn pale then bright once more. In the event the color is not returning, that could be an indication your dog is sick. The same also applied when the eyes and ears of your dog are blurred or if their skin isn’t pliant. There are instances you might be worried about dehydration and you can confirm any fears you have by pulling the skin on your dogs back. Once you let for, the skin is not supposed to stick and incase it does, the dog is dehydrated.

Other symptoms you need to be on the lookout for include heavy or prolonged panting, change in your dogs eating habits, body weight, water intake, odor and behavioral changes. If you note any of these symptoms, it is highly likely the dog is sick and you need to take it to your vet.