Improve Your Cat’s Weight

Cats with obesity problems are detected in approximately 25% of total pet cats. Apart from overweight issue, there are several cats that are underweight but do not get the needed attention to save them and make their lives happier. In fact, a lot of tips and pieces of information have been written about how you can get your obese cat lose weight; while there is limited information available about how cat owners can help their skinny cat to gain weight.

You can determine if your pets are too thin if their ribs are visible, when you can easily feel their ribs once you stroke them, and when there is hardly any fat in your cat’s abdominal area. If your cats are in this condition, then you may consider taking them to the veterinarian for proper diagnosis. It is possible that there are underlying medical reasons behind the underweight condition of your cat and these reasons may include hypothyroidism, parasites, or cancer.

If you start changing your cat’s diet, you should do it gradually. Sudden modification of diet for your cat can irritate its digestive system and may cause other health problems. Replace about 1/4 of your cat’s regular food with high-calorie food successively for a few days. But your pet will not be able to improve its weight if it is suffering from constant vomiting or chronic diarrhea. It is important to consult a veterinarian regarding the best cat food to help your pet gain weight successfully.

Canned food for cats contains more calories since it has higher fat content. This can be an effective way to help your skinny cat gain weight. In choosing this method to fatten up your cat, choose the smaller cans because canned cat food spoils quickly. Also, a particular type or brand of canned fish like tuna is a good alternative to feed your cat.