Two of the most favorite pets hold by millions of people, cats and dogs have been examined for allergies to the human being. The report claims that cats offer you allergies in twice of the dog allergies however only 10% of global people have been found to be very allergic towards the pets.

It was a report prepared based on the survey conducted by the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology which revealed some nostalgic things for the interested people. Yes, children lying in the age segment of 6-19 years will be allergic to cats in the ratio of 1:7 which simply means one child in the group of 7 will be certainly pet allergic.


Declawing your cat

Before you go any further or start thinking about declawing your cat you need to consider why you were doing this to your pet. Every person has a different reason why they want to remove the claws from a cat but you have to make sure that it is going to be the right reason for that cat as well. There are some things that some people do decide to overlook just because they think is better off for their pet. Here are some things that you need to consider before you decide to get the claws removed from your pet.


Claw Removal is wrong

The claws of a cat has many purposes and they are used for almost anything that is innate to the animal. For example, it is used in a cat’s balance. When a cat jumps up to reach for something, the claws come out and are exposed. This also helps them to reach out and grab anything that they were aiming for. When cats climb up to places, such as trees they use their claws to grab hold of the bark. This allows them to securely fasten themselves before they spring up to the tree.


Can Cats Drink Cow's Milk

It may be a much repeated cliche but also a much repeated truism-your pet is one of the family. Our faithful, feline friend does not criticise or belittle, does not argue or cause upset and does not ask awkward questions or demand his food at 6 pm. He gives nothing but unconditional love and asks for nothing in return except a warm knee, a kind word and, ideally, a full tummy!


Is Your Indoor Cat Happy?

While many cat owners consider that it is better for their pet to stay outdoors enjoying the benefits of the nature, there are also several of them who cannot leave their cats outdoors unsupervised for fear that accidents can happen.

Other owners are simply too tied into their daily programs living in a flat that doesn't allow them to get their cat pet and leave them there where the danger of the streets and mean neighbors exists daily. Once you own a house cat, you should know that you can make her feel happy, needing to get them entertained in an extra way simply because they do not live outdoors.



Dogs were pack animals according to their origin. Wolves hunt in packs today. In the same way it was before the domestication of dogs from also. Although the hunting dogs as well as supplemented team, every single dog in the distribution of prey had to hurry, for his part, The competition was immediately on hand to possibly have to grab a bit more. This original behavior of the dog has been preserved to this day.

Crate Training for Your Puppy

Crate training for your puppy can be successfully performed if you follow some rules that in the end will result in something beneficial for both you and your puppy. The first thing that you must be aware of is that your puppy is brought within a new space which is not familiar to him, this is why he needs to feel secure and stress free when he comes in contact with his new home. For the successful house training, choose a good technique for your puppy. It is recommended to stick to a single technique and not a combination of two or several others because your puppy will become confused.

Let's see the simple technique that you should stick to:

Pet Hotel – The ideal Choice When you’re out of Town

Whenever you prepare a family vacation, there is always the dilemma of what do you do with the canine. You may keep your pet at home and retain the services of a dog sitter to stop by the house twice daily in order to take care of your pet and change his water. However, it can be nerve-racking to know that the dog could make a mess in your house or worse while being left there alone. You may choose to make an effort to carry your pet along with you, but if you are traveling by air just about anywhere, this option is virtually impossible. The cure for your trouble is to pay for several days at a pet hotel for your doggy friend.


Many dog owners are now opting to take their dog on holiday with them instead of leaving it behind in a boarding facility. There are a number of hotels, motels, lodges, holiday rental homes, and villas available these days that will accept dogs; so this helps to makes the process of choosing a suitable holiday much easier. The following tips will hopefully help you to make the right decisions for you and your dog...

1. Before choosing a suitable accommodation to stay in with your dog you must first check whether the area is going to be suitable. If the accommodation is in the middle of a town, or near a park that doesn't allow dogs, for example, it may not be the best place to spend a holiday with your companion.



Whilst we take every care in making sure your pet has the best possible stay with us, its always important to have a back-up plan.

As part out our long-lasting agreement with our customers, we have signed a fantastic new Pet Insurance deal, which will see all animals covered for veterinary bills for the time they spend with us, PLUS an extra two weeks to cover for any infections / viruses they may have picked up whilst they were with us (we try to make sure that any canines that are brought in are free from infection before they are accepted, but sometimes these things happen!)