Socializing Your Cat with Adults and Others

You already know that your cat is a social creature, and there are ways to enhance your cat’s sociability with other people and animals. This is not to say that all cats will be equal in how social they are - people are not equal in their social lives either. Some cats are more introverted while others are the life of the party. However, you can get your cat to be comfortable in a social setting.

Most cats are curious about people, but that curiosity does not translate into wanting to be handles or prodded by grown-ups or children. It is important, though, to get your cat used to other people so that you can avoid any aggression or neurosis when people come around your home.

When you first bring home your cat, you will need to introduce him or her to all the other members of your family. A couple of hours in the safe room should make your cat feel comfortable, and this is the point where you can bring in the rest of the household one at a time. If everyone comes barreling in at once, you can frighten the cat.

Everyone needs to have a seat on the floor and allow the cat to approach him or her. The cat needs to feel in control here, so no one should be picking up the cat or trying to chase it around the room. With treats and friendly voices, it will not take long for your cat to get to know each member of the family.

Still, if there are not any other human members of your household, you will want to introduce your cat to other people. You can start off by having a friend or two come over and visit. Be sure they allow your cat to approach them, as you want your cat to feel comfortable around other people. Slowly expose your cat to others, and allow him or her to be held by various people. Then you can even try to take your cat to the store or to other social places where more people may be present. However, most cats shy away from crowds of people, so do not be shocked if your cat hides when there are a lot of folks around.

If you do not have children in your home, but you want to eventually have children, it is a good idea to get your cat used to kids. When you search for an adult cat, make sure you ask how the cat responds to children. With a kitten, you may want to introduce him or her to your friends’ children. Not only is this good for the kitten, but it is also a great way to teach the children how to appropriately handle a cat.