Is your Cat Pregnant?

If your cat isn’t spayed and you allow her to venture outside while in heat, there are high chances she will mate. This means her chances of becoming pregnant are high. Cats come into heat season when they are between 4 to 12 months and at first mating, can become pregnant.

Signs of Pregnancy
• The first sign that indicates your cat is pregnant is the noticeable nipples change. 3 weeks after mating, they become enlarged and pinker.
• The cat also becomes affectionate and seeks your attention at all times.
• In some cases, there is also an increase of appetite.
• As she advances in pregnancy, she will start displaying ‘nesting’ behavior as she searches for an ideal place she can comfortably deliver. During this time, she will get into cupboards, closets and other any places that are secluded.

Duration of Pregnancy and Gaining Weight
Cats gestate for sixty to sixty seven days with sixty three been the average. Approximately this equals to 9 weeks. During this period, your cat will also gain weight and especially after the 4th week. What is more, the cat’s tummy will swell as the pregnancy progresses.

Signs your Cat is going into Labor
2 days before your cat goes into labor, you will notice an increase of the mammary glands size. The cat will also begin to produce milk and its temperature will fall to 99 degrees F. During this time, your cat’s appetite will also decrease and she will become restless as the nesting draws to a close. In other instances, she might choose to follow you, become increasingly affectionate or start pacing from one room to another.

Other signs you need to be on the lookout for include constant purring, meowing, licking of genitals, vomiting and panting. You might also note vaginal discharge which is followed by contractions. It is essential to note that these signs will vary from one cat to another and you should understand your cat better.