Is Your House Pet Proof?

Here’s a trick question when deciding to get a cat or dog: Is your pet house proof? Just what does that actually mean? In a nutshell, it’s about being aware of the parasites, both internal and external which your fluffy friend might come into contact with.

Even if they are tiny insects, these can harm the animal and cause severe illnesses. Preventing these things from happening is simple. You just have to know what to do in order to act accordingly.

Let’s start with the external trouble-makers, shall we? Fleas are parasites which inhabit the fur of the dogs/cats causing itchiness and skin irritation. They are likely to be picked up from grass, when your pet is running around or playing.

Ticks are more dangerous than fleas because they attach to the body of the pet, sucking its blood and alongside that, it might transmit viruses through the blood system. These are also located in areas with a lot of grass, waiting for the “victims” to appear.

Effipro deals with these parasites in a quick and efficient manner. It consists of a solution based on Fipronil which kills the insects in approximately 24 to 48 hours from the moment it has been applied to the coat of the pet.

The pipette provided has a special drop lock technology, allowing owners to apply the product with ease and greater control. Dogs are protected up to 8 weeks against fleas and 4 weeks against ticks. Felines will beneficiate from up to 5 week protection against fleas and 2 weeks against ticks. No prescription is required for this product.

Another trust worthy producer is Frontline. For the Spot On solution you don’t need the veterinarian’s prescription to purchase it. The content should be applied on the skin from the back of the neck, once every 4 weeks. Frontline Spot On Combo and Spray should only be used when advised to do so by the vet. The Spray version might make things easier for owners because applying it to the pet’s coat could be quicker and more effective than the solution from the pipette.

Moving on to internal parasites, here the story changes slightly because you can’t actually see the parasites. Certain symptoms have to be monitored and after a medical examination, treatment is applied. Drontal Wormer is a tablet based treatment which kills and eradicates internal parasites. In order to avoid infestation, de-worming should be done once every 3 months.