Is Your Indoor Cat Happy?

While many cat owners consider that it is better for their pet to stay outdoors enjoying the benefits of the nature, there are also several of them who cannot leave their cats outdoors unsupervised for fear that accidents can happen.

Other owners are simply too tied into their daily programs living in a flat that doesn't allow them to get their cat pet and leave them there where the danger of the streets and mean neighbors exists daily. Once you own a house cat, you should know that you can make her feel happy, needing to get them entertained in an extra way simply because they do not live outdoors.

You must stimulate your cat in order to help her stay out of stress. A stressed cat will start behaving irrationally, such as scratching the furniture or miss doing her needs in the litter box. Read on and see how to make your house cat a happy cat:

* Ensure to get her as many cat toys as possible. Every room should have within toys to enable her of playing in whatever part of the house she might be. For raising her interest, you can switch them every few days.

* Purchase cat furniture and a scratching post should count among these pieces. It is recommended that your cat has at least one scratching posts in various parts of the house. In cased you can not afford buying the furniture, simply use carpet, boxes and logs to create a cat condo and these posts.

* One other thing to have within your home, is cat seats near window. Cats love sitting by the window and watch the world outside.

* As you know by now, cats living outdoors tend to eat grass every once in a while. A good idea would be to grow some cat grass in a pot.

* Do you know that cats are interested in watching fish in an aquarium? You could replace this view with a screensaver on your computer representing swimming tropical fish.

* How about the leash? Do you own one for your cat? You should teach your cat pet to walk on a leash as in this way you can get her outdoors in a complete safety.