We LOVE Pets

We love animals, and we love your pets almost as much as you do!

If you're going on holiday, leaving town for a couple of days, or even just need the dog walking, we are the people you need to be speaking to - your dog would have a 'woof' time anywhere else!

We look after a whole host of animals and pets, including the usual dogs, cats, guinea pigs and gerbils, as well as some more exotic creatures - we have had snakes in our care before, as well as a perfect pair of micro-pigs!

We offer everything a busy owner could need, with our luxury spa and massage treatments (using the best dog shampoo around) giving pets a pamper ahead of their grooming and washing. We can cut nails, help with diets, control a full and varied exercise programme, or simply let your pet sleep and relax.

To hear more about our offers, don't hesitate to call us on 1-987-765-794, and we'll look after the rest :)