Whilst we take every care in making sure your pet has the best possible stay with us, its always important to have a back-up plan.

As part out our long-lasting agreement with our customers, we have signed a fantastic new Pet Insurance deal, which will see all animals covered for veterinary bills for the time they spend with us, PLUS an extra two weeks to cover for any infections / viruses they may have picked up whilst they were with us (we try to make sure that any canines that are brought in are free from infection before they are accepted, but sometimes these things happen!)

We LOVE Pets

We love animals, and we love your pets almost as much as you do!

If you're going on holiday, leaving town for a couple of days, or even just need the dog walking, we are the people you need to be speaking to - your dog would have a 'woof' time anywhere else!

We look after a whole host of animals and pets, including the usual dogs, cats, guinea pigs and gerbils, as well as some more exotic creatures - we have had snakes in our care before, as well as a perfect pair of micro-pigs!

We offer everything a busy owner could need, with our luxury spa and massage treatments (using the best dog shampoo around) giving pets a pamper ahead of their grooming and washing. We can cut nails, help with diets, control a full and varied exercise programme, or simply let your pet sleep and relax.

To hear more about our offers, don't hesitate to call us on 1-987-765-794, and we'll look after the rest :)